The graduated driver’s license program is designed for people 15 to 17. It allows you the opportunity to develop your driving skills. It restricts nighttime and unsupervised driving at first, but these restrictions are lifted over time.

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You can apply for your drivers license as soon as you’ve passed your practical driving test.

If you have a photocard driving permit, and you haven’t changed your name, your examiner will send your driving test pass certificate to the DMV office.
If you’ve changed your name or you don’t have a driving permit license, you must:
-provide documents for your identity
-provide a passport photograph.

Drivers License Without Test

DMV offers many services that can be handled online. Some online services are self-serve, meaning you can complete them on your own from start to finish. Others are “assisted”, meaning they are done with help from a DMV representative. Buy SC Drivers License Online | Were To Buy Drivers License | Buy USA Passport Online


South Carolina drivers license

Do I have to take a test?

If your are out of state and your driver’s license is expired by nine months or more, then you are required to take the knowledge, road, and vision tests.

I am moving to SC for school. Do I need to get a new driver’s license?

No! If you are moving to this state temporarily, for example for school or the military, then you do NOT have to get a SC driver’s license. You do, however, need to have a valid driver’s license from your home state in order to legally drive in this state.

I just moved within the state. How do I update my address on my driver’s license?

You can complete an address change online, at a local SCDMV branch, or by mail. There is a fee associated with this change and the DMV will mail your new vehicle registration card to you. You don’t have to get a new driver’s license, but you may buy a new one if you choose. You must change your address within ten days of the actual change.